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#Kidlit for Researchers and Content Creators

Spring 2023 Final Projects
Professor Lashon Daley and Graduate Fellow Dani Nouriazad

Calling all #kidlit content creators: do you have a desire to become a #kidlit Bookstagram influencer? Become a #kidlit BookTuber? Produce a podcast about children's literature reviews? Or showcase your skills as a picture-book illustrator? In this course, you will develop research projects that center children's literature, while learning about the basics of social media content creation. This course is not about becoming a full-time content creator. Rather, it is about developing research that will impact the children's literature industry as well as children's literature studies. Students can also choose to complete traditional research projects such as writing longer academic papers to submit to peer-reviewed journals. Researchers and content creators of all levels are welcomed.

Developed in partnership with the Digital Humanities Initiative and Instructional Technology Services, this course focuses on the digital production of creative research projects about children’s literature. Students will hear from academics across various disciplines about how to conduct effective research. The course will culminate in a research symposium where students will get to display their digital projects.

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