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Meet Our Affiliate Faculty

Authors of a number of books, countless essays, and creative works, our affiliate faculty members have national and international reputations in their corresponding fields. 

AsimTishna Asim
Lecturer, English and Comparative Literature
Email: [email protected]
Areas: Crime & Detective fiction, Victorian England, Children's Literature, Gothic & Horror

BedauDani Bedau
Associate Professor, School of Theatre, Television, and Film
Email: [email protected]
Areas: Shakespeare, classroom theatre pedagogy, playwriting, novel to film adaptation

CaldwellAvery Caldwell
Assistant Professor, Graphic Design
Email: [email protected]
Areas: Design and visualization, urban spaces, architecture, digital art

LachPamella Lach
Digital Humanities Librarian and DH Center Director
Email: [email protected] 
Areas: Data visualization, folksonomy, user experience design, project management, digital pedagogy, surveillance, critical librarianship, anti-racist digital humanities

Loh-HaganVirginia Loh-Hagan
Director, Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Resource Center
Email: [email protected] 
Areas: cultural authenticity of Asian American children's literature, elementary education, literacy, APIDA inclusion, multicultural children and young adult literature

SalemLinda Salem
Librarian, Love Library
Email: [email protected]
Areas: Children's literature illustration; Rare books and special collections; Comparative Literature/children's literature; Edward Gorey Personal Library; Equity, diversity, and inclusion in children's and young adult book collections; World children's literature

SciurbaKatie Sciurba
Associate Professor, Literacy Education 
Email: [email protected]
Areas: literacy education, representations of race & gender, popular culture in children’s literature 

SerratoPhillip Serrato
Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Email: [email protected]
Areas: Gothic and Horror Studies, Chicanx Literature, Film, and Performance, Children's and Young Adult Literature

ThomasJoseph T. Thomas, Jr.
Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Email: [email protected]
Areas: American Poetry, Children’s Literature